Mint Honey Giloy Kadha

Mint Honey Giloy Kadha

Ingredients to Make Mint Honey Giloy Kadha

The items we require are less and each one of them is easily available. 

You can order 100% Pure , Unandulterated and Organic Giloy Powder at Treesara Organica. Having said that let’s refer to the item list now.

  1. Treesara Organica Giloy Powder
  2. Cloves– A dry herb with immunity-boosting properties. Use only 5 pieces.
  3. Cinnamon– It’s a multipurpose flavouring ingredient with medicinal values.
  4. Black Pepper– It has characteristics similar to cloves. Use as directed.
  5. Ginger– It is rich in antioxidants & helps fight chronic diseases.
  6. Dry Giloy Powder– Boosting immunity is the first & the most crucial benefit. Use as directed.
  7. Mint Leaves– Mint is rich in antioxidants, menthol & phytonutrients.
  8. Honey
  9. – For sweetness. Self-explanatory. Don’t use sugar.

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