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India is a gifted country that produces a wide variety of superfoods across the geography. We have the richest superfoods here, right from Ashwagandha to Ragi. So it comes without surprise that our soil is just as rich as our culture and traditions.

A sad reality we face today is that although India produces a massive amount of rich spices and superfoods, the nutritional value of the food is nowhere close to that of the early 1900s. 

The various food revolutions in the mid-1900s, which tackled the food security of India, couldn't ensure the optimal nutritional value of the foods. Economic forces joined hands together and ensured they were able to sell in quantity over quality. Rampant use of hybrid (read: GMO) seeds and highly subsidized fertilizers lead to ecological imbalance and worsened the nutritional value of every commercial crop out there.

Economic forces have worked against consumers over the years - this hasn't happened overnight.

Diseases like diabetes, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, hormonal imbalances, and many others, which never existed in the country, started prevailing due to the so-called modern farming and processing methods in the country.

We at Treesara Organica acknowledge that this needs immediate attention to change for the better, and for it to change, we've pledged to be educationists, enablers, and torchbearers of this mission. We were very clear right from the very beginning that we have to undo this rampage on our foods and bring back the traditional variety of seeds and ancient practices to process them. 

The scale of the damage was massive. We knew we had to bring something which isn't just termed "organic" but meant as well. The word "organic" has undoubtedly gained quite a popularity recently, and brands have overly abused it and how. We have brands selling us the same packeted version of foods with premium pricing and negligible nutritional value. 

Organic is not just about growing a crop but creating a healthy food ecosystem. It is not about taking crops and processing them using modern methods (read: refining) but using traditional methods that retain the maximum nutritional value of the crops.

We at Treesara Organica researched and visited farmers across the country to understand the good practices, soil, and cropping patterns. Once we were clear on all the parameters, Treesara Organica was born to provide the connection and comfort of our roots to every one of us.

Traditional farming is a method that has worked and will work even today. All our products at Treesara have eliminated toxins and chemicals usage wherever they're grown. There is a story to every product you shop from us. Right from the traditional foods grown to them being prepared using ancient tools and techniques with tender devotion, every bit has a story that is very close to our hearts. 

Mother nature was not meant to be played with - what has worked will work. As a community and movement, we can have a tremendous positive impact on India's habitats. We invite you on this journey of wholesomeness and purity with us.

The core value of Treesara Organica lies in its ideology of conscious capitalism. We believe in serving society and its members. This led to the creation of our Meal for All program, where we donate 1% of our total revenue to feed underprivileged kids with nutritious meals.

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