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As humans of Treesara, we acknowledge our duties that come alongside our purpose of reminding people of their roots. Our values and belief system align with those of the country, its farmers and the society as a whole. That is because we don't just offer a taste of our origins, we make sure to take care of them and give back to them.

Food for thought.

We have worked extensively in Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan generating employment opportunities for the society as well as giving them a sense that they are part of something bigger. Giving back to the community has been fulfilling for us and as an extension to this, we have also invested in a meal program for the working community. Subsequently, over 4200 meals have been offered to date in states like Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan. We believe that a full stomach and a nutritious supper are critical components of mental health and productivity

Supporting Mother Earth.

Our sustainable and eco-friendly products are cultivated in over 120 hectares of land across various parts of India. By cutting the use of fertilizers in our agricultural production, we have contributed to the purity of the environment and maintaining the quality of the soil. Farmers that work with us have economically benefited from this initiative and have saved over 96 lakhs INR, which would’ve been used to purchase fertilizers. We are proud of this notable achievement and can only hope to strive and work towards creating a viable option for farmers of the country.

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